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Here's what you can expect:

The Blooming Affect Masterclass!  Creating the RoadMap on your Bloom Journey!  This virtual session will include:

  • Virtual Access

  • 4 AMAZING hours of an interactive experience

  • 3-weekly check-ins after session for questions, clarity and encouragement (Thursdays at 7:30pm CST)

  • workbook

  • Bloom Kit (mailed to be used in session)

  • practical exercises

  • breakout discussions

  •  intimate group (up to 15)


This experience is designed to create the intentional process of your Bloom Journey. Through mindset work, discussions, exercises and conversations, the steps for creating and/or fortifying your Bloom journey will be created.  I would LOVE the opportunity of empowering your process!


The Blooming Affect Masterclass

Presented by
Sherelle A. Reed Enterprises LLC

Sherelle is no stranger to adversity and has done the work to overcome her circumstances.  She empowers others to BLOOM! That is..... overcoming life's obstacles and adversity and showing up as their Best Selves on the road from Present to Purpose!



Ladies are you ready to embark upon this Great Experience?  Are you ready to craft intentional steps to your own Bloom Journey??? We welcome you to the process and progress that this Masterclass has to offer!

Applicable fees apply

Lakimbria Thomas

Sherelle is an inspiring speaker. She speaks to the heart of women from all walks of life. She encourages them to start from their current state of being and Blossom into who they are meant to be. Sherelle exemplifies that one does not have to abort or limit their goals and greatness because of life's challenges faced. She teaches that you can use your Faith and Resilience to push past you pain to pursue your purpose!


Dr. Catina Miller

Sherelle's speaking has inspired many. My testimony is that I can relate to the truths that she speaks. For me, what's understood doesn't need to be explained. Every time I've been under the sound of her voice, I left motivated, inspired and ready to move to the next level!


Kia Thomas

Sherelle is a dynamic inspirational speaker. She encourages you to BLOOM no matter what obstacles you are presented. Her fun and jazzy personality draws you in while her passion and heart to see you show up as your Best Self keeps you there! Sherelle gives you the tools needed to BLOOM right where you are!

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