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Our overall goal is to provide real strategies and guidance towards helping YOU move from present to purpose! Through Building self-confidence, improving self-esteem while encouraging positive change, our services are geared towards helping our clients reach greater life gratification and their divine destiny. 

The objective of Empowerment  Coaching, Training & Strategy is to  encourage and empower others to see life, themselves and others through perspectives that would best suit them based on their individual goals and aspirations, while providing the tools and steps to successfully achieve each goal in order to embrace their purpose    This is accomplished through inspirational consultations, encouraging conversations and motivational exercises that trigger improved mindset principals, best demonstrated practices and an overall positive implementation. 



Discovery Call

30 minute conversation

Designed to discuss and decide which service works best for you!


Bloom Strategy Consultation

This session is designed to work on personal development with regards to walking in purpose.

1 hour

  • Discovery conversations to uncover purpose

  • Develop implementation strategy

  • Discussion of the structure and timing

  • Answer any questions

Training Opportunities

All training sessions are booked by contract

3 facilitation options

(all options are available virtually or in-person)

  • Single training sessions

  • 2-7 day training sessions

  • 1-6 week training programs

  • Long- term contract training 

  • All training will be based on the topics requested 

Book Sherelle !

Having an event? Looking for a host?

Sherelle can create an atmosphere of Encouragement, Empowerment and Education that will push your audience to become their BEST selves. Book Sherelle today!

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