Our overall goal is to provide caring guidance to build self-confidence, improve self-esteem and encourage positive changes that will cause greater life gratification and satisfaction for our clients.

The objective of Life Coaching is to encourage and empower others to see life, themselves and others through perspectives that would best suit them based on their individual goals and aspirations.  This is accomplished through inspirational consultations, encouraging conversations and motivational exercises that trigger improved mindset principals, best demonstrated practices and an overall positive implementation. 

Sessions can be done with a focus on individuals, family or any relationships

On the Run

1 hour session

Designed to discuss and explore one topic/scenario



Preliminary Strategy Consultation

30 minutes (Free Skype session)

  • Discussion on why you seek coaching

  • Answer any questions

  • Determine whether I can add value as your coach

  • Discussion of the structure, timing and pricing of coaching process

  • Explanation of process options

  • Discussion on the expectations of both the client and coach

Rapid-fire Coaching Package

3 one hour Skype session

  • Designed for client who wants to begin momentum at a rapid pace

  • One session per week to be completed within 30 days

  • This session addresses one area of concern

  • This is a general session that will uncover and discuss the overall goal the client is seeking to accomplish.

  • Probing conversation to uncover and discuss the client’s needs

  • Client will receive general direction and perspectives concerning positive mindsets and responses that best suits their emotional and spiritual well being

Work Life Balance Package

3 one hour Skype session

  • Designed for clients who desire an emphasis on balancing the demands of both personal and professional lives

  • Session will address how your professional life directly affects your personal life and

  • Session will give guidance on how to balance it through maximizing time, family/relationship considerations and organization.

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