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SPEAKING Specialities

Sherelle can create an atmosphere of Encouragement, Empowerment and Education that will push your audience in BLOOMING to become their BEST selves.

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Personal Excellence

This session serves as a time of group Empowerment, Education and Encouragement on the topics of choice.  They will give an emphasis on overcoming all obstacle and adversity in order to achieve the desired outcome.  There will be a focus on BLOOMING by becoming your Best Selves.


The purpose of this training is to give positive practices and techniques on fostering genuine interpersonal relationships.  We will speak about the importance of understanding and embracing the possibility of diverse perspectives that could exist and therefore realizing that things may not always be as they seem and how their personal experiences may impact their perception of things.  This class will open the eyes of the participants by encouraging them to move in relationships with a great deal of Empathy.  This will cause them to consider things through the lens of those they are in relationship with.  This training can be done with the focus on any type of relationship. (i.e Spouses, Family, Friends, Professional, Spiritual, etc.)

Customer Service

The purpose of this training is to bring an awareness of the importance of being intentional regarding the manner in which we interact with others from a service perspective.  Service should never be reactive (conditional) but always proactive (intentional in effort).  I will discuss how providing a Stellar customer service experience begins with the heart and intention of the person providing it.  This class will emphasize positive word choice and tone of voice in order to insure the conveyance of correct messaging.   The class will also encourage self-introspection in order to foster genuine service to others. 

Outreach (Community and Spiritual)

This training provides insight to the steps to how to create and implement outreach endeavors. It is beneficial to those who may have a heart to impact the community but may not know where to begin.  It will outline the steps of creating and carrying out the plans and intentions of various outreach programs.  The class can also speak to the creation and expectations of a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization.

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Sherelle can create an atmosphere of Encouragement, Empowerment and Education that will push your audience to become their BEST selves. Book Sherelle today!

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