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Hey there!

Are you ready to BLOOM???
Let's do it together. 

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Bloom Strategist

Meet Sherelle

Sherelle Alexander Reed is a wife, mother, author, life coach, motivator and “Sister next door” who is called to Ministry of the Encouragement and Empowerment of others. Sherelle loves people and is dedicated to making a deliberate and intentional positive impact through her spoken messages and community initiatives. Her love of people and community impact stems from an appreciation for all of the advice and assistance she received from others during her life and she looks for opportunities to pay it forward. Sherelle is the Founder and Visionary of a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization called FIND YOUR RESILIENCE INC which is a movement that empowers females to Learn from their Past, Live Today and Pursue Purpose!

Sherelle is a retired corporate instructor. She can be found impacting lives through her various speaking engagements, coaching programs and her social media posts and videos.  Her brand is “THE BLOOMING AFFECT” where she teaches and coaches on how to overcome life’s adversity and show up as your Best Self on the road from Present to Purpose. Sherelle is excited to launch her new podcast called “The Blooming Affect Convos”, Effectively impacting the world on the journey from Present to Purpose.

As you can see, Sherelle has devoted her life to the encouragement and empowerment of others as she firmly believes that her life would be much different had it not been for the personal impact she received from others. Sherelle is strong in her faith and understands that she is still standing as a direct result of the Grace and Mercy of an Almighty GOD!!! While she is no stranger adversity, Sherelle has learned that all experiences are necessary for one’s Purpose! She encourages others not to forsake their process in life because the journey will build character and a personal testimony.

Sherelle says, “I’m just a Girl who LOVES GOD and as a result of that LOVE I am GOD’s Girl!

My goal is to provide resources that will Empower, Encourage and  Educate the importance of Blooming into

the BEST YOU!​

Book Sherelle !

Looking for a Host or Speaker

for your next event?

Sherelle can create an atmosphere of Encouragement, Empowerment and Education that will push your audience to become their BEST selves. She teaches how to BLOOM! Book Sherelle today!

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